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Mobile Audio Packages

We would love to supply you with mobile audio solutions for your event that fit your venue, audience, and sound need.  We can arrange to have it setup and configured with speakers around the room or as simple as left and right with all the audio devices you want. 

Event Sound Production

When you have larger audio needs for an event look no further than Sound Advice USA.  We can provide full digital mixing solutions, speaker stacks/towers, wireless microphones, digital monitor mixes, monitor systems, and so much more.  

Backline Services

When your event needs the right match in backline, Sound Advice has you covered.  We feature the best backline equipment that matches the needs of national acts and local bands to save you and them the time and expense to load in and out gear for every band.  

The Best Brands

JBL - QSC - Fender - Yamaha - Mackie - & more